A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Hello Faithful Homemaker,

I am thankful for all my humble portion. It is amazing how you can be thankful to live a happier life. In every season of your life you must always give thanks. Forgetting to give thanks is forgetting to live. A negative mindset will never create a positive life. Your thoughts build your life and you will find joy in your journey. In Proverbs 14.1,  it says a wise woman builds up her house but a foolish one tears it down with her hands. How do you tear down your own house? Through not confronting your fears, having companions that are not godly, living in chaos, and not studying God's word daily. Social media is a great example of how people compare themselves to others and not really being who they truly are. Being yourself is important. However you must be guided by the word of God of how a godly woman should behave and take care of her own home. Proverbs 31 is a great example of a virtuous woman who is described as woman who is praised by her children and husband, very industrious, modest, like a ruby, valuable, and certainly a fruitful vine in the hands of her husband.