10 Easy Steps for Becoming a Faithful Homemaker

Hello Faithful Homemaker,
  • Commit to doing your laundry at least two times weekly
  • Organize your grocery list for meal preps
  • Dedicate a portion of your time to meditating 
  • Get to know your neighbors. Cooperate to save money and resources.  
  • Get the fresh foods and fruits for them to last long
  • Make a commitment to start carrying your own reusable bags and use them on all your shopping trips.
  • Start preserving your fruits for baking in the Christmas holidays
  • Get your family to spend more evenings at home, preferably with the TV off.
  • Cook for your family and seal your left overs in a tight container to freeze
  • Focus on enjoying what you have and who are with. Stop fixating on what you think you may need, or how things could be better "if only."

God Bless!!